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The 0729-1759-99 Dual Axis RS-232 Inclinometer utilizes a 0717-4318-99 Fredericks TrueTilt™ wide range electrolytic tilt sensor and analog signal conditioner. Its robust plastic housing and epoxy potting provide excellent durability and environmental protection. This inclinometer has superior tolerances and unit to unit performance. Its low profile housing and economic design make it an ideal solution for a versatile range of applications in all sectors.

The 0729-1759-99 inclinometer can utilize any sensor from the Fredericks 0717 series wide range sensors upon customer request. A detailed list of compatible sensors can be found on page 2 in the Related Products section.


类 型: 双轴倾角传感器

量 程: ±60°

精 确 度: ≤2.0%,≤7.0%

输 出: RS232

供电电源: 7~16Vdc

电气连接: 电缆

工作温度: -40℃~+85℃

特 点: 高精度,低功耗,IP67,在极端温度和环境下的卓越性能

典型应用: 高空升降平台调平监控、起重机吊臂角度测量、机器人控制、卫星天线对准、太阳能电池板位置和标高控制、车轮定位系统