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TE's MD47 digital sensor combines the sensitivity and precision of our MR sensor technology with our own advanced digital signalprocessing to create devices with unparalleled performance.

The easy-to-use digital interface enables precise magnetic sensing with shorter development cycles than ever. The sensor component can be used for non-contact position sensing or as a simple magnet switch with an adjustable, temperature-independent switch point over a wide field range.

The MD47 combines a unipolar MR sensing element with easy-to-use digital signal processing. The digital output provides magnetic field data as well as a calibration interface. The instrument is factory calibrated for temperature, and calibration coefficients are stored in internal non-volatile memory. All commands, data,and coefficients are contained in an elegant data structure that allows rapid commissioning with minimum firmware.


类 型: 磁性线性位移传感器

磁 极 距: 6mm

分 辨 率: 24bit

输 出: SPI

供电电源: 1.6~3.6V

电气连接: 焊盘

工作温度: -45℃~125℃

特 点: 高灵敏度,采样快速,可编程偏移和增益补偿

典型应用: 非接触式位置检测,汽车,小行程气动气缸,工业